History of

Hutch Ambulance

Cam and Kathy of Hutch AmbulanceHutch Ambulance Service Inc. started operations on November 01, 2008 with the purchase of Wald Ambulance Service.  Cam & Kathy are very thankful to Alice Wald and family for the opportunity to purchase the Ambulance Service.  We only hope that we can continue to operate the business to the degree of service and commitment that Steve, Alice and Donna have shown over the years.

Donna at Hutch AmbulanceWe are extremely thankful to Donna as she has continued on with Hutch Ambulance providing Advance Care Paramedic services, acting as our lead trainer for Continuing Education, ITLS, PEPP and being an excellent leader to our staff.

Cam & Kathy were extremely busy in 2008 as Cam was working in Fort McMurray as a Safety Supervisor for a major Oil Sands project.  Kathy was busy as well working in sales for the radio station, running around to the banks & lawyers and pregnant with our soon to be second child.  After many speed bumps the deal was completed and we started on November 01, 2008.  Cam completed his last day in Fort McMurray on November 13, 2008 and Brody was born on November 14, 2008.  With the new business opportunity and expansion to the family we were kept busy.

While at a conference we caught up with some old friends and they expressed an interest in selling their service.  We approached them a few months later and a deal was struck to purchase another family run service in Moosomin.   Hutch Ambulance Service – Moosomin started operations on July 01, 2010. Walter Hutchinson became a partner with Cam & Kathy to run the operations in Moosomin.  Again we are extremely thankful to Garry & Cindy Towler for the opportunity to purchase Backlin’s Ambulance Service Ltd.  Garry and Cindy purchased the service from Garry’s mother Jean Backlin, who was a long time owner and then an employee for Garry and Cindy.  Garry and Cindy provided an excellent service to Moosomin and area with many staff serving for many years of continuous service. Cindy continues to work in the office and both Garry and Cindy are often relied on for advice and assistance.

Hutch Ambulance Service Inc. operates in Assiniboia, Ponteix, Moosomin and area.

In Assiniboia we have three ambulances and a rover vehicle.  Assiniboia responds to approximately 650 calls a year for service.  We are also kept very busy with rodeos & motocross race standbys.

Our Ponteix base responds to 140 a year calls for service with one unit.  We operate out of the new Emergency Services Building on Main Street, Ponteix.  We are extremely thankful to the Town of Ponteix and the partnership that we have in running our service in the community.

Moosomin is kept busy with around 700 calls for service a year.  We have two ambulances and a supervisor vehicle.  The Moosomin crews are kept busy with approximately 40 emergency calls per month and approximately 20 transfers per month to Regina, Brandon, Yorkton and the odd trip to Winnipeg.  In 2008, a new hospital and long term care facility called the Southeast Integrated Care Centre was opened with the fundraising efforts of the town, surrounding towns, villages and rural municipalities. There are currently seven doctors that work in the facility, community and surrounding satellite offices that they serve.

Cam, Kathy and Walter are very thankful to the communities that we serve.  We strive to offer excellent service and do so by having staff that are very compassionate to the profession.  They respond day & night and sacrifice family time to provide care to the sick and injured. You will see them in your community providing service and volunteering to make the communities that we live in a greater place to live.